A timeless, secret and select hotel in a mythical destination on the French Riviera: The Byblos in Saint-Tropez can be described as a urban luxury small resort.
I had the chance to spend an idyllic weekend in the heart of Saint-Tropez.

The colorful frontages of the small buildings of the hotel remind the Byblos harbor in Lebanon. Indeed, the hotel was built by a Lebanese businessman, in the hope of drawing the attention of famous actress Brigitte Bardot. She came for the opening party nearly 50 years ago, and became a loyal customer for a while. Many famous people still come to the Byblos nowadays.

Hotel Byblos Saint-Tropez, pool

The interior design of the rooms is in a traditional Provence style. But what makes the difference at the Byblos is the quantity of art pieces, magnificent ceramics, and historical collections from the Mediterranean such as a catacomb door from Palmyre.

Small details and nice attentions are the clue to make a luxury hotel become a Palace.

At the Byblos, I enjoyed the unique smell of amenities (soap, bath & shower gel, shampoo, body lotion…) : a sweet and sunny cocoon to relax… like an eastern trip. It was impossible for me to find out the main notes. The perfume was created especially for the Byblos by famous nose Blaise Mautin who spent 3 days at the hotel to get inspired by its atmosphere and history. He created this fragrance with some main ingredients: The Damas rose, saffron and white musk. The olfactory range of the hotel is wider: the refreshing eucalyptus tree at the main entrance, the stairway surrounded by captivating jasmine that leads to the Place des Lices… So when is your next Byblos creation scheduled M. Mautin?

Amenities at Byblos Hotel St Tropez

Amongst the hotel services, you will appreciate to find your usual paper every morning at your room door, very attentive staff by the pool, and a shuttle to go to the beach whenever you want from 10 am to 8 pm. One last detail makes a difference: nice postcards are at your disposal in your room, so you don’t need to bother going to the tumultuous harbor to buy them, you can just write to your family and friends from your lovely terrace.

Terrace of my room at the Byblos Saint-Tropez

Finally, for an unforgettable stay, try the Byblos Experience: you can benefit from the high level of services from the hotel to go by yacht at the private Capilla villa, on a nearby beach.

The hotel has a spa by Sisley with 6 treatments cabins, and it features a traditional Lebanese room, that hasn’t changed since the wedding of Mike Jagger with Bianca. You’ll also find a fitness room with personalized coaching. Not to forget gastronomy, with the Rivea Restaurant by Alain Ducasse, which I didn’t try unfortunately.

The Byblos is still the place to party: under the swimming pool lies the famous night club Les Caves du Roy,and you will feel some vibes depending on your room situation. Many families come every year at the hotel, yet, everything is thought for party animals: the Bar B. is open nearly 24h a day, and breakfast is served until 12am, by the pool!

What I visited…

View at the harbor and St Tropez bay from the Citadelle

… La Citadelle. The Maritime Museum is not much of interest but the panoramic view is worth a visit.
(10h-18h30 everyday / 1, montée de la Citadelle / 3€)

Fish Market Saint-Tropez

… The fish market
Every morning, just behind the harbor and before you enter the old city (Place aux herbes).
Saint-Tropez is still partly a typical fishermen village.

Sweet Saint-Tropez…

Tarte Tropezienne, typical cake

…. Try famous local cake «tarte tropezienne» : a brioche stuffed with cream.
Where? “Aux Deux Frères” near the harbor (3 rue des commerçants) or “Marcel Cavazza” (21 rue Georges Clémenceau)

Essential Saint-Tropez shopping …

Tropeziennes sandals

…The original sandals from Saint-Tropez : tropéziennes

Unmissable sunbathing…

Ramatuelle beach

… On the Ramatuelle beach, its white sand, nudists, tourists, and many yachts !

Having diner on a mythical square…

… At the Bistrot des Lices, Place des Lices (delicious complete menu for 34€)

Meet Oscar …

Oscar, Byblos Saint-Tropez, A Daste BD

Oscar is the last specimen of the Citadelle peacocks, he likes to wander on the Byblos rooftops.

Picture  :© A. Daste


Special thanks to Céline M. and my Atout France colleagues: Frédérique, Dominique, Sandie, Jean-Charles, Laetitia, Marie-Jo, Mercedes, Liliane, Matilde, Esther. Gérard, Jesus, Monica, Emilie, Jérôme, Annalisa, Anne-Sophie, Jessica, Catherine, Valérie, Clémence, Blanche.