Enjoy it here or bring it back as a souvenir, but do not leave Nice without trying at least one of those sweet shops.
Are you a foodie or just looking for gift ideas? Just think of what you like best…chocolates, ice creams, homemade jams or candied fruits?
Nissa by Elsa selected 5 shops for picky (sweet) taste buds.


This ice cream maker settled on place Rosseti, in the old Nice, in 1966. Since then, its stall went bigger and bigger, and it is now a major attraction. Don’t forget to stop here for a fresh break and discover one (or more) of the 94 flavors.

Of course you’ll find your favorite flavor at Fenocchio’s, and also original creations. Some of them sound very local: lavender, olive, tomato and basil, thyme or rosemary!!

glaces chocolat Fenocchio Nice

I accepted a spicy challenge for the blog’s readers : chocolate & chili, and pink pepper & vanilla… I must say this was a successful bet, especially for the warm chili sensation coming just after the cold sensation.

  • Average price : 2 scoops in a cup or a cone for 3.50€.
  • Open from 9 am until midnight- from March to November

Fenocchio :
– 2 place Rossetti
– 6 rue de la Poissonerie


LAC bakery is specialized in chocolates, macaroons and other candies… LAC has 3 shops in Nice, one of them in the old town, open on Sundays and bank holidays.

Founded in 1995, the bakery has won many prizes and is part of the Association Relais Desserts international. At Lac they work with Valrhona cacao and transform the product here for unique creations.

When I stepped into the bakery, the sales woman was explaining in English the preservation instructions for those fresh products to a couple of Chinese tourists. Indeed, macaroons are not recommended for a souvenir as you should eat them within 2 days. You can always have one straight away for 1.15€, and try unusual flavors: chocolate & banana, passion fruit & fudge, cottage cheese & cherry.

Macarons LAC, Nice

I grabbed there a nice idea for a sweet and smart souvenir: a box of chocolate representing the black and white cobblestone of Place Masséna. 3 different box sizes are available.

Once more, I fell into temptation with some marshmallow with milk chocolate coat (5€ for 2 bars) , as the shape of a teddy bear reminds me of the candies from my childhood, and a 70% Guanaja bar (5 €).

Lac patissier chocolatier Nice boutique

LAC Chocolatier
– 18 rue Barla
– 12 rue de la Préfecture
– 49 rue Gioffredo

Le Clos de Laure

This shop is specialized in local gastronomic products. Here you’ll find the perfect sweet gift before your way back, as everything is presented in jars. Easier to take on your flight than chocolates or ice creams!
etagere clos de laure confitures NiceLe Clos de Laure is a good address to find homemade jams with regional raw ingredients: roses from Grasse or lavender flower among candied flowers, or lemon or mandarin from Menton, among jams. You can also find creative sweets such as the almond paste with the Grasse’s Rose flavor.
You can also bring back easily on your flight some concentrated fruit sirop, a very French style drink! They are a 100% natural, in a 25cl bottle, and the shimmering colors will convince you.

Sirops Clos de Laure, Nice

If you are rather addicted to salty flavors and not bored with this article yet, you’ll be happy to learn that this is the perfect place for you too.

You’ll find a great variety of spread creams or veggie purées such as the tapenade (olive paste with anchovies) , the artichoke or eggplant cream and other products marinated with olive oil and herbs.

Citrons marinés Clos de Laure Nice

Jean-Luc Bertin  is waiting for you in his shop, a 15 minutes’ walk from the old city, in order to dedicate you some time for a tasting and very interesting explanations about the history of local products and the Nice cuisine.

  • Open from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm.

Le Clos de Laure
10 rue Verdi


This fine chocolate maker (since 1927) owns 2 shops in Nice.
Christophe Canet and his wife Hélène are the third generation in this famous bakery.
I was irresistibly attracted by th shop on Gambetta avenue during Easter when I saw the fantastic creations.

Création de Paques, Canet patissier, Nice

I gave in for a chocolate assortment. Here are some of my choices which still sound really good: Mogador (creamy ganache truffle with gingerbread) or Chuao (ganache truffle brewed with Tahiti vanilla in a dark coat), and a Sechuan pepper bar… You will discover a wide range of rare cacaos among the bars.

I shall return for a macarron tasting : lemon form Menton, pistachio from Sicilia, poppy…

Patissier Canet, Nice
  • Average prices : 29 € for a small assortment of chocolates (250 grams), 6€ for a chocolate bar.

Patisserie Canet

– 25 bd Gambetta ( From 8 am to 7.30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday and Sundays from 8 am to 1pm)
– 7 rue Longchamp (From 9.30am to à 7.30pm from Monday to Saturday.

 Maison Auer

 An enchanting shop for top of the range chocolates and candies since 1820. Once again, you can only find this company in Nice, or shop online.

Do not hesitate to step in, at least for a glance, as the place itself is worth it. This bakery was the scenery of various movies.
Maison Auer NiceThis place is one of the best for famous candied fruits, but pay attention to the prices, as it rises quickly according to the weight.
This is the price to pay for quality, as everything here is made in the traditional way, and the current owner Thierry Auer, the 5th chocolate maker of its generation, is willing to preserve the authencity of the company. For example, all the fuits are pesticides free and no preservatives are used.

  •  Closed on Sundays and Mondays, daily close at 6pm
  • Tasting Nissa by Elsa on my to-do list !

Maison Auer
7 rue Saint-François de Paule