This sandwich made in Nice has many fans here, always debating about the ingredients… You should have one during your stay in Nice, and eat it on a blue chair facing the sea. It can be traditional or the creation of a Chef who has invented a new version of this Mediterranean sandwich, as Nice’s cuisine has strong historical roots but it is evolving, as part of the culture.

During the exhibition of Italian food organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in France in May 2015, I attended a conference and show about famous pan bagnat.
The speakers realized different creative versions of the pan bagnat, and a traditional one:

– David FAURE, chef and owner at L’Aphrodite restaurant created a canapé style, upon a basis of tomatoes and crystallized garlic mix.
– Laurence DUPERTHUY-STRAMIGIOLI, a cook blogger mate (Variations Gourmandes), proposed a reconstructed option in a glass, with the traditional ingredients minced.
– Franck VIANO, who has won a French culinary TV show , presented his sweet version of the pan bagnat, made of orange blossom brioche, fruits and mint.

During the cooking, local journalist and historian Alex BENVENUTO, gave some clues about the secrets of the typical cuisine from Nice and named the ingredients used in the pan bagnat in the local language, stating the year of their introduction in Nice. No big surprises here for most of the attendees, a very local audience fond of its cultural roots.

For beginners, here are some basic rules to remember:
The traditional Nice’s cuisine was made for poor people; therefore you’ll find only local ingredients, mainly vegetables thanks to the climate.
In the pan bagnat recipe, we only find raw ingredients, expect for the hard-boiled egg.
Don’t say “olive oil,” as it is the only kind of oil they use.
Pan bagnat means that your bread needs to be wet, thanks to tomato juice and the oil.

You are now ready for Lou pan bagnat recipe:

Cut a round loaf of bread in 2 pieces and remove some dough.
Rub the inside with garlic and with a rip tomato cut in 2.
Add a few drops of vinegar
Insert 2 tomatoes and tuna flakes
Add a minced spring onion, sliced salad pepper, radishes and one hard-boiled egg.
Add some black olives, a few anchovies and baby beans
Top with basil leaves, and don’t forget the oil!
Close the sandwich and smoothly press down on it.

pan-bagnat-final-touch now-just-it-your-ban-bagnat

  • Where to eat a nice pan bagnat ?
    You will find this typical sandwich in every bakery in town.
    Look for the Nice cuisine label « cuisine nissarde », it is a sign of authenticity and quality.
    For e.g. :
    Chez Poupon et Marinette
    102 bd de la Madeleine
    10 bd Dubouchage