A great option to make an original visit in Nice is to follow the many contemporary art masterpieces displayed in the city. Streets, squares and public gardens host very interesting monuments and sculptures, especially along the tram line.

My advice is to go for a walk to see this choice of 10 points of interest.

tete-carree-sosno-niceLa tête carrée by Sosno
2 place Yves Klein (behind the MAMAC, the contemporary art Museum))
This sculpture designed by Sasha Sosno, an important member  of the Nice school, was instaled in 2002. The square head is 28 m. high and hides 7 floors, it hosts the headquarters of the Librairy.  Being the 1st inhabited sculpture in the world, what a pity you cannot visit it.

The Loch Ness Monster by Niki de st Phalle
Mamac rooftop, Place Yves Klein

You can easily access the rooftop leading to the museum entrance to see this Loch Ness monster, a donation from the artist , included with much more inside the museum.


Aphorismes by Ben
Nice Tram (ex. Stops Garibaldi and Cathédrale- Vieille Ville)

Benjamin Vautier, known as Ben, has been living in Nice since the 50´s. He is world famous for his small messages and thoughts written in white letters on a black background. He wrote the name of Nice’s tram stops, and at many of those stops, passengers can discover one of those messages… something to think about during their trip!

conversation-jaume-plensa-place-massenaConversation by Jaume Plensa, 2007
Place Masséna
The 7 seating or kneeling statues above place Masséna represent the 7 continents. They give to the passing people a feeling of well-being and relaxation with their positions of meditation. Conversation starts at night, when they slowly move from one glowing colour to another.

Arc Monumental by Bernar Venet, 1988
Jardin Albert Premier
Following the Promenade du Paillon you can admire this arch, a coma made of metal, 19metres high, trying to reach the sky (so called 115,5° arch).

The obélisque by Bernar Venet
Quai des Etats-Unis, Esplanade Georges Pompidou

Those 9 imposing colums celebrate the 150th aniversary of the unification of the Nice county to France. This is a present from the local artist to his city in 2010. Despite different possible interpretations, Bernar Venet doesn’t wish to give a meaning to this piece of art. Let’s make ou own opinion, at least we can’t miss it as it is 30 metres high…

La chaise bleue de SAB (Sabine Géraudie)
Quai des Etats-Unis (en face de la plage du Beaurivage)
Sab’s blue chair was inaugurated in 2014, I beleive it is the lattest incorporation to the artistic urban landscape in Nice and wannabe symbol of the city. This 2 dimensions and 3 metres high blue chair is a tribute to the famous chairs along the Promenade des Anglais.Their actual designer is  Jean-Michel Willemote.

Miles Davis, Niki de st Phalle
Hotel Negresco, 37 Promenade des Anglais
On the terrace of this mythic 5* hotel on the Promenade des Anglais you can admire this statue of  Miles Davis by Nikki de St Phalle. Miles Davis and his trumpet, look like a glittering invitation to enter this palace and discover what other art treasures it holds, as its unsual owner, Madame Augier is a fine art collectionneur.

Femme endormie by Volti
Jardins Alsace-Lorraine (Bd Gambetta)

This voluptuous sleeping beauty will make you like contemporary art if you didn’t yet, as it is so harmonious. maybe not the mos famous piece of art in Nice but might be the one I like best. Volti is a French artist wiht Italian roots who died in 1989. This stop will allow you to discover a unique garden with its giant magnolias.

Vénus by Sosno
AC Hôtel Nice, 59 Prom. des Anglais
ac-hotel-nice-sosnoBetter known by the locals with its former name l’Elysée Palace, this 4* hotel by Marriott presents on its seaside facade a 7 levels bronze sculpture, a tribute to the woman from the Mediteranean.