Nice is known for its Promenade des Anglais, nice weather all year long, a high revenue touristic clientele, but it also holds secret places such as my selection of unexpected bars and cafés. You’re spoiled for choice to catch up in a friendly atmosphere and original setting this winter.

Here are 4 of the city’s most unique places to have more than just a coffee. 

Joya Lifestore

A café and restaurant where you can buy everything that you see!
on sale at Joya Life store.JPG
At Joya Lifestore, you can enjoy a nice meal in a trendy place, and shop at the same time: from original tableware to the chair you are sitting on, including bottles of wine from different countries, books, flowers and plants, and not to forget exclusive decorative objects.

I had some pasta with razor clams as today’s special, and a coffee with small homemade cakes. Despite service was a bit long, we had the pleasure to meet the Chef asking if everything was ok at the end.

I’d like to stress the fact that they have a special corner for kids with their own shed and special gifts for them.
kids-corner-at-joya-lifestoreAlso, if you ‘d like to work for a couple of hours, a week or a month, Joya has a space dedicated for business upstairs with 4 work stations. This full service coworking area also includes communication support for your business.

Finally, Joya has several spaces available to organize any private or proffesional events, from  a small meeting room to a larger press conference room for example sitting 55 people, or for a cocktail at the restaurant (80 people) …. You’ll find a total of 280 sqm for meetings.

 Joya Lifestore
1, place du Pin

La Ronronnerie

Would you have a cat with your coffee ?

Welcome to the second cat bar to open in France after Paris, where 6 purebred cats are waiting for you to purr and relax. All you need is ronron (purr) is the saying of the house!
This concept called Neko café  comes from Taiwan and is very appreciated in Japan.

As you enter in a cats’ house, everything is designed for their comfort, including a hanging path, they can bother but you can’t bother them, and cleanliness is a top-of-mind concern.

When I visited the Ronronnerie, I had a coffee with nutella and milk foam, and made friends with Leon, who enjoyed having a catnap in my stroller basket.

my-new-friend-leon-at-la-ronronnerie-cats-barThe café was quite busy on a working day afternoon but still very quiet and homy.
Many board games are at your disposal while you enjoy the show.

La Ronronnerie
4 rue Lepante

Le court-circuit café

Not just a café, also an organic restaurant, a cultural place and a Repair Café
The court-circuit (for short food supply chain) is the café for a future better world. Here the coffee is organic and fair-trade, the ingredients used for lunch and dinner are local, and the association keeps in mind solidarity economy with the café suspendu concept (pending coffee). You can leave some coins for someone who cannot afford to have a coffee who can visit at any time and warm-up for a while.
pending coffee at court-circuit.JPGAt Court-circuit you’ll find a very cheap lunch and veggie dinners, also brunch on Sundays, and mainly cultural events: tango or yoga lessons, massage workshops in the yard shed, conferences with many types of associations, concerts, art exhibitions, etc… Board games on Thursday evenings are very popular!

You just need to be a member of the association, on a voluntary basis starting at one euro.

Last but not the least, Repair Café takes place at repair café every second Saturday of the month. From sewing to computer assistance, you’ll find a way to give your beloved household electrical and stuff a second life instead of throwing them away, learn how to do it yourself and make new friends. Price is on a voluntary basis.

More information on the Repair Café concept :

Court-circuit café
4 rue Vernier for detailed program of activities

Pastis de Nice

A spirit shop at a priest’s
Pastis is a yellow and anised-flavoured spirit, originally from Marseille. A few years ago, father Gil Florini decided to create his own natural and home-made version including 24 plants and spices. Pastis from Nice was born. It was first tasted by the beleivers at the Sanctuary of la Madone d’Utelle and church Saint-Pierre d’Arène.

This allowed to open the shop near the Liberation area and create 4 jobs for the needy.

The shop also sells a local and light sugar version of Coca-cola : Azur cola, and a lemonade named Lim’azur which I tasted. The coffee area has just been installed, and although alcohol cannot be served, you can have a free tasting of pastis and you can enjoy having coffee or cheese from the Monastery, a slice of Italian panetone and more delicacies from Nice and other Monsateries all over France, in a bright, quiet and different place.

Shop online soon available.

Pastis de Nice
6 rue Vernier

Emilie’s cookies
Coffee and… cookies, what else?


Emilie’s cookies has just celebrated its 10th anniversary for its &st coffee shop to open in Nice. A success story, as Emilie’s has now 4 shops and is a must in the area as far as hand-made cookies with big chocolate chunks are concerned. Now I bet I have your attention…

Emilie’s cookies is also a place where international students like to meet, a lovely place where decoration is a combination of American 50’s and granny’s kitchen. Finally, all the pastries are 100% homemade with fresh products, a difference you can really taste. Of course you’ll also find muffins, brownies, and all sorts of cakes involving chocolate.

Emilie’s cookies
Nice Centre: 9 rue Alberti
Vieux Nice: 1 rue de la Préfecture
Also at the Polygone Riviera mall in Cagnes sur Mer and in Monaco