If you decide to take this challenge, you’ll be locked in a room with your team for one hour. Each of those 60 minutes will be valuable to manage to escape by finding clues, resolving enigmas, opening padlocks…
Are you ready?
Have you got in mind who would you like to be locked with?

So come and visit Al Capone’s hideaway in Nice with Nissa by Elsa

It is only recently when I first saw a Life Escape Room as I was passing by one on the street, the place looked like a trendy café. After some research I then realized that it is now quite famous and some people seem to become quite addicted to those brain-teasers.

I chose to visit Aventure which is the 1st Live Escape Room that I saw in Nice, a few steps from the Promenade des Anglais, and actually the 1st to open in the city nearly two years ago.
live escape game, le pitch.JPG
You can choose from 4 different themed rooms and we decided with my 4-girls super team to begin with Al Capone and his gang. Also available: The Game, Mouser and Dirigeable Steampunk.

As you can imagine, there is very little I can reveal about Al Capone secrets, or your life would be immediately threatened… I would just say that most of the wall decoration are not clues ,so you don’ wast time dismantling the setting.

What I liked most about the game is that we managed to escape in less than one hour with some gold bars… whereas we were told that only 35% of the players succeed ahahaha!!!!

OK, we got some additional clues from the managing team, always watching us on video, without spoiling the effect of finding the final answer by ourselves.

Honestly, I found the game really interesting. I was worried about the fact that I am not really good with figures, number games and sometimes logics, but I appreciated the fact that many skills are involved here such as creativity, nosing around or reading between the lines and above all observation… This is a perfect combination to make a team game really worth it. I recommend it for everyone, friends, but also families and of course as a team building activity for your company.

If you are looking for a Live Escape Room close to your place in France and the French Riviera, but also tips to prepare your winning team, visit this page.

Please note, Live Escape Rooms are usually not for kids, though you can find some in Paris, and Aventure is accessible for kids with adults or for your teenagers from 14 years old.
The game is available in French and English at the same time.

24, rue Meyerbeer
Every day from 11am to 11pm
2 to 5 players, 20€ per player